Feed Spokane would not be possible without the help of our food donors, meal providers, volunteers, and community support. Get involved today!

Donate Food

Feed Spokane safely rescues prepared foods from local area restaurants and grocery providers. It then supplies it to non-profit organizations that serve free meals to those in need.

It is safe. It is simple. It is the right thing to do.

Provide Meals

Our meal providers consist of local ministries and other community agencies that actively provide free meals to those in need within our community. Meal providers are an essential component of getting food to the people who need it most.

You can help us Feed Spokane.

Meal Locations &
Food Pantries

Free hot and cold meals are served at 30+ meal sites across Spokane County every day. Men, women, children, low-income, homeless, senior, or homebound. No matter the circumstance, there are places to welcome and feed anyone in need across Spokane County, thanks to Feed Spokane. 

Our friends at Spokane Cares have a list of locations that they keep updated.

Make a Financial Donation

Whether you are an individual or a business, looking to make a one-time gift or to form a long-term philanthropic relationship, we appreciate your support and take great pride in being responsible stewards of your gift. On behalf of the hungry people in Spokane we serve, thank you. Help Us Help Them – Donate Today!

Become a Volunteer

Share your services, time, materials, ideas, and friendship with Feed Spokane. Without our volunteers, the wide reach that Feed Spokane can offer would not be possible. 

Volunteers ensure that prepared food is safely rescued from restaurants and grocery providers, and then ensures that the food is delivered to local non-profits who serve free meals to those in need. 

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